Ceiling Insulation

Commercial buildings are often very populated and can be very noisy. To effectively block out undesirable sounds from other areas, trust Yvon Insulation to provide sound absorption between floors via the installation of our ceiling insulation. Exclusive ceiling insulation from Yvon Insulation will serve as an excellent sound barrier between floors in your commercial structure. We offer two choices of ceiling insulation:

  • Blown-in fiberglass ceiling insulation
  • Blown-in cellulose ceiling insulation

Both types of ceiling insulation that Yvon Insulation offers have similar fire resistance, and mold, mildew and moisture resistance properties. They also possess similar R-values (the industry system by which the effectiveness of insulating materials is labelled). Both products can be blown into even the smallest of areas or most awkward of spaces, ensuring that the entire space of interest is covered. Paired with Yvon Insulations spray foam insulation, our ceiling insulation provides superior air temperature control by covering any small spaces or openings where air leakage occurs. A poor installation job is as good as no insulation, so choose a trusted company like Yvon Insulation; call us today to find out more about our ceiling insulation services in the greater Kitchener area!

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